Radana Dungelova

Radana Dungelova


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When taking photos my intention is to document wild animals in their natural habitat. I enjoy coming back to my favourite spots in the Brazilian Pantanal or Venezuelan Llanos, where I meet animals at every step. In addition to these experiences I am strongly attracted by working in the depths of the Amazonian rain forest where the photographing of animals is extremely difficult. I have had to face many failures and achieving good results may take years. My satisfaction lies with something I see as an intimate encounter with animals in their own home. There are many excellent wildlife photographers whose photos inspire me but I prefer to bring to my photographs an elemental witnessing of real nature. 

Together with my husband Jan Dungel, naturalist and wildlife painter, we organize expeditions to the wild.  In the company of our indigenous friends we have been discovering rain forests in many areas of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, etc.  We have also explored the utmost southern part of Venezuela several times.  There I made the very first photos of the recently discovered primate species (J. Boubli 2008) uakari Cacajao hosomi in the wild. This area comprises the one of the most isolated Amazonian locations, inhabited by animals that have never come into contact with human beings. 

We have shared our experiences, photos and drawings from our southern Venezuelan trips in the book Deep in The Jungle and in the movie documentary The Paintbrush and Machete (2008), Uakari (2018).

My work has been published in many magazines and journals and can also be found in the books Painting The Jungle (Academia 2006), Deep in The Jungle (Euromedia 2009) and Pantanal and Llanos (Extra Publishing 2013).